Now Mr. Carl Henry Dietz I see you're deeply talking about...

Monel - January 30 2012, 3:54 AM

Now Mr. Carl Henry Dietz I see you're deeply talking about another subject, you've passed very far on that discussion.

I remembered you said the executive's chief has the last word over the laws, that's was false the way you thought; I only took the double nationality like an example to show you no one is above the laws, that's you're being accepted in your more time the president can pardon someone without a verdict period.

By the way bro, I wanna tell you that, I love Haiti, all my life is down there: my businesses, my families, my friends and others, no body can't show me the believing in Haiti's future.

first level I am a small entrepreneur, the future of Haiti is in my hands.

In any others cases, no compromise or compromission about that even negotiations.

we cannot accept anybody enjoying what the Haiti's constitutional prohibited.

In Martely's case even though he got the good intention for Haiti, he could still doing that in his jazz, to continue to promote Haiti without cursing, in good behavior"san di betiz "martely can still help Haiti.

But if the commission of investigation found he got others nationalities, Martely must to leave the power.

I don't know if you really focused in that case.what I said he has to go, this is not my personal opinion, if you fallowed any talk show in Haiti, you gonna see that's a national's opinion.

I hope that's not the case, otherwise I'm sorry for you bro, even though you gonna say the national's opinion don't love Haiti is a rule. he must go period, Martely not only one who got the good idea for Haiti.

take care bro, I really appreciate that you're a respectful in debate.

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