Monel, One more time, in the real world with real people and...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 30 2012, 12:47 AM

Monel, One more time, in the real world with real people and real dilemmas, the Chief Executive has the POWER to change the law along the side the country's "manual", of course.

No body is above the law, but at times, people need to select what they fight over. In Martelly's case, double nationality is not the equivalent of a serial murderer.

A scale of references is very important in life. Whether Martelly has another nationality or not is irrelevant at this point in the game. We need to move forward with bigger and better things to do to safeguard Haiti.

The president is willing and able to have the job done. We should let him to his job. Otherwise, he will go down in history just like Aristide did the first time he was elected.

Aristide came in the first time he was elected with all the good intentions to push Haiti forward, but very few people truly gave him a chance, very few people cared.

MUST WE REPEAT the same mistake again?

When will we ever learn?

Coups are not the way to go if we want progress.

We must learn to compromise.

We must learn to prioritize.

What is important right now is to find suitable land to house Haiti's homeless and to find sustainable ways to feed our people so that they can be productive members of the country.

Anything short of that is distracting and business as usual.

We talk flippantly about loving Haiti but doing very little to support Haiti where it truly counts.

The issue of the day should be HOW can we help the president move the country forward?

How can we help him finish his term in peace, reconciliation and negotiation?

If we want other countries to take us seriously, we have got to earn it. We can always rely on "We are the first Black Republic in the western Hemisphere".

Although a very good accomplishment in itself by our forefathers, but the fight does not stop there.

We must continue fighting to keep Haiti independent and prosperous.

We will achieve it only by keeping a level head, smart decisions and knowing when to walk away from a fight that is not beneficial to Haiti in the long run.
Besides, Coups bring death on a grand scale.

I am sick and tired of seeing Haitian bloody corpses all over the medias and the Net as a result of past political instabilities.

We need to learn to protect our own. Destruction is not always the ANSWER.

This is it, Monel.

I will not say anymore on that subject.

Take care

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