Monel, there is no reason to be indignant. I thought I was...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 28 2012, 10:21 PM

Monel, there is no reason to be indignant.

I thought I was responding to Agent-X. If you are not this person, I stand corrected.

However, you are definitely wrong on the basis of legislative rules.

The Chief Executive ALWAYS has the last word. Check with your elementary law 101 from a C grade university.

The Chief Executive has precedence over any rules and regulations of a country.

Out of respect for its citizens, however, he needs to consult with them to understand what the majority of the country feel on a particular subject.

Even then, if the President feels it is not in the best interest of the country, he still can reverse it. The Chief Executive is in charge and is the captain of the boat. The people elected him to govern, they should trust his judgement, that also goes to the most liberal and democratic countries.

If you don't agree, this is your prerogative.

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Mr. Carl Henry Dietz, I'm not agent-x and I don't to...



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