michel martely wants to pardon former dictator jean claude duvalier.

By: Monel - January 27 2012, 10:47 PM

president Michel Martely has suffered Alzheimer since senator Moise Jean Charles has been asked for investigation by a commission on the nationality of president Martely and others government members.

Martely said, according to Haitian press agency, he's likely wanna pardon the former dictator Jean Claude Duvalier."dernye tan sa-a prezidan tet kale san bab la Gen le pedi tet-li, ou byen" president sweet Micky Michel Martely didn't know what he talking about.

According to the law, in any other country a president cannot pardon anyone before trial.you have to let the justice of that country punished this person, now that person can receive presidential's pardon.

in any other case, the president can't do that.
I think if Martely wanna pardon Jean Claude Duvalier, he has to wait the Haitian's justice does his job, after that I don't have problem with the president in his prerogative.

Si Tet kale ap gen tan, paske lot semenn yo beton-an apwal komanse Cho anba pye martely.

a bon antande "salut".


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

So,if Martelly shiit on the seat as well; Who's going to arrest him? please,tell me. What about giving the necklace to anyone that fock Haiti in the asss? Including the... more »

Fred Jean Charles says...

he can and he should pardon jean claude,since jean claude left haiti,haiti has gone to hell.He needs to arrest the past x head of state for the what has happened to Haiti. more »

Monel says...

Concern Citizen,I'm really appreciate the precision you brought up in this debate,that's mean you turned the light on for us in that discussion. I agree with you when you said... more »

Pois Rouge says...

Look at Jean Claude Duvalier Baby Doc picture. He looks like a mentally retarded. He looks like a monster and a criminal. This guy is going to meet poetic justice in the street. / more »

Concern Citizen says...

The president can not "pardon" a person before going to court and found guilty as charged before this person can be pardoned by the President. But the President can keep the case... more »

Monel says...

Now Mr. Carl Henry Dietz I see you're deeply talking about another subject,you've passed very far on that discussion.I remembered you said the executive's chief has the last word... more »

Carl Henry Dietz says...

Monel, One more time, in the real world with real people and real dilemmas, the Chief Executive has the POWER to change the law along the side the country's "manual", of course... more »

Monel says...

Mr Carl Henry Dietz,the executive's chief has precedence over any rules of the country,you're wrong,no one is above laws."only God ". you're completely wrong laws is a country's... more »

Carl Henry Dietz says...

Monel, there is no reason to be indignant. I thought I was responding to Agent-X. If you are not this person, I stand corrected. However, you are definitely wrong on the basis of... more »

Monel says...

Mr. Carl Henry Dietz, I'm not agent-x and I don't to be,I'm Monel,never attribute me to anybody in that blog. Mr. Carl I'm correct in what I said.Presidential's pardon can't be... more »

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