Hey Jeremy, I can relate. I am a Haitian-American who went to...

Bernadette - January 23 2012, 8:16 PM

Hey Jeremy, I can relate.

I am a Haitian-American who went to DR for the holidays because I don't think that I will feel safe in Haiti.

So many incidents happened on the line that you are talking about.

In US, everybody is from some place else. Outside of US, everybody is an American.

So I was mistaken for a blue blood American.

The straw that broke the camel's back is on my way to the airport from Cabarete to Santiago, I took a cab. Upon arrival at the airport, I paid the driver the agreed upon fare. He jumped at the back seat to pick up my bag that has my purse in it. He asked me for more money.

I told him no way Jose.Then, he proceed to to give me the death threat you know, the index from one side of the neck to other side. I that point, I found him very disrespectful and threatening.

I had no choice but to jump up and pounce on him, leaving him no breathing space, pick up my pocketbook, and continuing kicking his ar$$.

It was so intense, others had to peel me off of him. I flipped him the birds, picked up my bags while he was still on the ground with his mouth wide open. That will teaching him to see women as wall flowers and easy preys.

Little did he know, I was born in Haiti, raised in US. Some of us are pretty tough.

The Dominican Republic is not a safe place to visit.

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