Haiti is an overweight country when its come to corruptions...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 19 2012, 5:02 AM

Haiti is an overweight country when its come to corruptions, period.

Dignity is no more, principal is no more, patriotic is no more, prestige is no more, discernment and the value of integrity is no more.

Marjorie Middy, Haiti is a disengage country even in the basic way of human life and behavior.

Haitians are stiff-necked people with their hearts sets for destruction.

I never meet an Haitian for the past 2 years willing to see Haiti as a perfect nation,"meaning" these people i spoke with for the past 2 years are mostly people involve with politics or within the government past and present.

I am a confuse man, that is the truth;It's a shame, but i am.
I don't see our deliverance yet or the way out of this situation.

We have options to clear all the problems.

The quicker way is not easy in the eyes of the soft ones.
If we are waiting for time, maybe another 1000 years.

For what i see in Haitians now, forget it.

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Jean Pierre, dignity, prestige and integrity are no...

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