One respe pou wou bel fanm! Marjorie middy, do you think if...

Monel - January 19 2012, 12:11 AM

One respe pou wou bel fanm !
Marjorie middy, do you think if Bill Clinton was done a good job in Haiti, he could be president.

I don't think so, my answer is no matter what anybody can do better for Haiti, if they have another nationality, we cannot accept a foreign citizen as president this country.they could do so, if our constitution allowed that.
In this case, I'm not agree with you when you asked question, why do we have to be bothered about multiple nationalities.

I think if Mr. Martely and any others in this government have another nationality they have to leave, because it's not appropriate with our nation mother's laws.
I know Mr. martely has the good intention to do something for Haiti like you've mentioned that in your posting, but it's a rule. I hope this is not the case, because Haiti not ready for a new crisis.

Anpil respek pou wou bel fanm.

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