The driver is suck and stupid period. I wonder if that truck...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 17 2012, 9:30 PM

The driver is suck and stupid period.

I wonder if that truck has Jacob brakes or"Jake brakes"?

Or maybe those stupid mechanics eliminates the low air pressure warning system.

Remember, Haitian mechanics likes to eliminate things.

(Low Air Pressure
If the low air pressure warning comes on, stop and
safely park your vehicle as soon as possible.

might be an air leak in the system.

braking is possible only while enough air remains
in the air tanks.

The spring brakes will come on
when the air pressure drops into the range of 20 to
45 psi. A heavily loaded vehicle will take a long
distance to stop because the spring brakes do not
work on all axles.

Lightly loaded vehicles or
vehicles on slippery roads may skid out of control
when the spring brakes come on. It is much safer
to stop while there is enough air in the tanks to use
the foot brakes).

Officials need to take serious actions with heavy duty trucks.


Road disaster on Delmas ,P-au-P, Haiti. 30 are reported dead so far

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