My bro Brian Andrew you have to refresh a little bit about...

Monel - January 17 2012, 6:52 AM

My bro Brian Andrew you have to refresh a little bit about your thoughts, before you're pointing fingers on somebody, you have to make sure your hands are clean.

Remember I told you in 1915 when united states took control Haiti, in the first hour your Marines gone to the National's Bank of Haiti took in three conteners all gold's reserve and all us money's reserve of Haiti, then since 1915 until now they digging all underground in Haiti all kinds of richest we have without doing nothing.why now you're pointing fingers on France.

we know we've paid France to recognize our independence after defaited napoleon's army the biggest army in the world at this time.
By the way bro. after the earthquake Obama named Bill Clinton and G W Bush in a commission to representing the united states interests.

source of Reuters agency named Larry P. Whitman a professor of Columbia's university in each $1 which spent in have Haiti after the earthquake 80 cents back to your government,15 cents gone to the NGO, only 5cents gone to Haiti government, that's why you see after 2 years nothing done in Haiti.

I wanna tell you bro Bill Clinton is representing your government in Haiti's our eyes are opened we gonna kick his a'ss out of Haiti, our parliament not gonna renew the CIRH a commission lead by Mr. Bill Clinton.

we talk soon my bro, take care yourself.

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Monel, friend, William Clinton is in Haiti by his own...

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Monel, brother, I am aware that the marines went to...

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