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Agent-x - January 16 2012, 7:14 PM

This is a reply to the avowed homo erectus Jean Pierre Alexandre tirade.

1- [Regarding Mario Minuit]On earth when it is midi on some lands it is minuit on some opposite lands across the globe.

Take for example the time difference between the USA and Mainland China.

Kreyol parle Angle komprend.

Ask any school boy for you to borrow his manual of geography since you may not have cash on stash or discretionary monies.

It is a well-known fact that when ↑IQ said or do things that are beyond the grasp of the ↓IQ to comprehend, very often the ↓IQ will call the ↑IQ mad, crazy or nut. Most if not all the greatest minds in the past and the present were taxed as crazy one way or another at some point during their physical existence or after their death.

Read the history of science and technology.

2- Agent-X is not a pretender.

Agent-X means what he said and said what he means.

When Agent-X stands he always has the will power and the might to delivery.

This is a well-documented fact. If you have any doubts, go back to the video tapes.

Agent-X is not a fraud because he is a producer not a free loader.

Some of the free loader even told me that I should give the news without editorial that ran counter to their interests.

If you have any doubts go back to the video tapes.

Agent-X present the Facts from every corner of this planet from the most prestigious newspapers while Agent-X detractors present the flatulence, the fats and misrepresented them as facts without knowledge base or based on factual matter or historical facts: usually such lack of intellectual probity are delivered on formats such as: I think president x is, I fell that Senator y is, president Preval is the most incompetent, the Haitian parliament is the worst..., he should do this or that. All those logorrheas and to be more precise "verbal masturbation" are tailored to the tunnel views, needs and entertainment of the little and unsophisticated minds and reflect their egoistic, petty interests and clique appurtenance.

Thus, they are praising each other and they are entertaining each other at the expense of the Haitian national interest.

Agent-X does not have foreign or multiple passports and pretends to defend Haitian interest.

Those who hold foreign passports and have the audacity to claim they are Haitians are the fraudsters.

To hold a foreign passport, one has to betray and reject his country of origin to obtain such passports.

You must accept to shoot on your own people in case of war to defend the host country and such betrayal deserve the death penalty.

Since Agent-X does not agreed with death penalty, forced labor for life will be the substitute and the name and picture of such people should be listed on the book of shame.

Agent-X does not abuse anyone.

Agent-X does not have a Pre-Emptive verbal nuclear strike policy or patterns but a defensive policy.

When Agent-X strikes it is always when he is under attack or go to the rescue of an aggressed.

Agent-X always use the minimum of verbal force to retaliate even-though Agent-X has one of the most formidable verbal nuclear bomb and delivery system on this planet.

If you have any doubt, go back to the video tapes make sure that you carry your most expensive Merriam Webster, Oxford, Larousse and several other dictionaries with you as your body guard.

Otherwise you might not leave alive even-though I will have nothing to do with it from near or far.

Agent-X is not a backstabber.

A backstabber in its true meaning is when someone made a verbal attack against one not present especially by a false friend.

This is a public forum.

Therefore, thing that are said are in the open for you or anyone to see.
When I criticize you or someone else it is always when what they said contravene the principle of free speech, standard of decency, accepted moral conduct by the majority of humanity, civility and so on.
I have been criticizing your vulgarity and your shameless homo erectus tendencies that you try to advertise and your revisionist posture on the Duvaliers' history.

Agent-X has never been a coward and never will be.
You confused Agent-X with some of your little coward friends that are denuded of intellectual resources and creativity are hiding behind aliases to urge other blogger no to read and respond to Agent-X blogs.

It is ironic that thing they should have paid for, they get it free of charge.

This is similar to what we read in the mythology book named bible: Christ said,

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