Michel Martelly

Patrick Princivil - January 16 2012, 11:47 AM

Please! Don't banne me if I am wrong, forgive me,

President Michel Martelly,
Watch President Barack Obbama on the Facebook too see the way he deal. I never hear money missing, US government have problem, because he almost use white people in his government, I don't think he is racist for that. I have to tell you the truth, I am a black man too 99 percent black people in the whole word are very savage and thieves eve thou they are inside the church, this is is their weakness.

I know some of them are racist, but because they don't understand, cut your skin, cut my skin: the same blood.

Satan and the bad angels use them to hate us, because black people don't give good example.

I understand that, because of slavery black people is very savage, that's why God says: if we don't follow his commandment, he will punish us until forth generation (Exodus 20)or (Deuterronomy 5).

Please! If you want to serve the nation for your 5 years in peace, don't put to much black people in your government, they will mess you up. I don't care about what General Henri Nanphy and Raoul Cedras have done. Black people don't have this gift to be leader, they have gift to work hard and big talent in the music, but they are for money.

God bless you.

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Mike says...

Ki tintin wap di la, I think it will much better if you can learn to talk about issue you understand more »