This is amazing the effort we are putting in finding out...

Phi - January 15 2012, 11:03 PM

This is amazing the effort we are putting in finding out whether or not this man is also a US citizen, we suddenly forget how negligent we are usually with stuff that can affect us seriously.

One thing I know is that no country on earth can change in solving issues after issues the way we are doing it.

My question to you all, if this man is a US citizen and according to our constitution he is not allowed to be a Haitian president then why is he the president today?

If this is the case, is he the one who fooled us or did we fool ourselves ONES AGAIN?

People let's wake up and let's fight to regain our true value instead, we can be all our own president with our own constitution to manage our home, our neighborhood and make a different.

Try and change your country but if you cannot then change your community and if you cannot then try and change for the best your neighborhood and if you still cannot then try and change your home, we all can change something that will have positive effect on others.

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