Mario Minuit(Agent-x),you need help, serious help, please...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 15 2012, 8:19 AM

Mario Minuit(Agent-x),you need help, serious help, please don't go to doctor feel-bad.
You are a pretender, fraud,abuser, back stabber, a coward B I T C H, i mean you still a coward old B I T C H presently.

I shouldn't get involve in this issue between the two of you, because i wasn't there to witness the wrong doing or your malfeasance behavior toward another sister.

I have respect for you because of your knowledgeable ability and quick to understand the most imaginable discussions with each other in the past since the early of 2010.
I know as human, we makes mistakes, a lot of them, even daily or every second.But what makes you dangerous, it's because you don't have the ability to see your fault or guilt.

Remember i am not judging you! i simply want to make a point with your behavior.

Those people in this blog, by pounding you with the weights of guilt constantly catch my attention, i had to spend 2 hours searching the head of the problems until i really understand the fact or more or less what is going on.
This is my opinion:God always give opportunity to anyone to ask for forgiveness,"I forgot that you don't believe in God"you are an animism, no matter how hard is the problem, there is always a way to defuse the problem.

Don't hide to stone, add more abuse to your victim because of your wicked ego.
As animism the Kama law or Kama effect will deal with you harshly even in your death bed.
If you are an animal enough, you will not find a way to ask your victim for forgiveness, especially if your victim was your angel in time of needs.

I want you to stop these unnecessary ingrate-full, bad behavior.This is ungraceful.

Peace be with you.
Take care Agent-x

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