We are grateful for all the well-wishers that come here...

Mario Minuit - January 14 2012, 10:21 PM

We are grateful for all the well-wishers that come here tonight to the farewell party to help the degenerate making a confident trip tomorrow to Florida.

We are expressing our gratitude to the young generation that is here tonight.

This beautiful event will expose them to a wide range of music.

Those that are interested in the performing and expressive arts should choose this opportunity as a path to enlightenment to become more creative, create better Haitian music that reflect the Haitian culture.

We lavalass are here to enlighten our fellow Haitian citizen not to destroy them or anyone.

We have a track record of helping the helpless as it is the case tonight.

Cumbia Colombiana- La Zenaida- Armando Hernandez

Sensual tango - La Cumparsita

Miguel Aceves Mejia, La Malague

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Remember this is the last party. Enjoy every minutes...


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The party started at 03:00 hour sidereal time, instead of at 02:00 hour as expected.. We are apologizing for the 60...

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Thanks to the Lavalass people that make the event the...

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