Where's Mr. Brian Andrew?

Monel - January 14 2012, 5:15 AM

Mr. Brian Andrew, I hope you gonna stop talking sh'it that, Haiti have to stop your country helps.what help you're talking about.let me tell you something bro, when your country give Haiti any helps,.they give us in left hand they take them back in right hand like your former president Bill Clinton doing in Haiti now.
I think you make news, even though CNN and others networks in your country didn't talk about the big campus university that Dominican Republic's government offered to Haitian people after the earthquake of January 2010.
President Lionel Fernandez didn't make show off to say he gives help to Haitian people.

He said this campus wasn't a charity act, but that's the solidarity of Dominican people with the Haitian people.

looking at your country they spent long time to dig all country's underground to steal everything we got without doing nothing, not even the public's toilet.now stop talking that Haiti always asked helps to country.

go and ask Clinton foundation where is the $4 milliard dollars they've gave your former president Mr. Bill for rebuilding Haiti.

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Brian Andrew says...

Monel, I said I was not answering any more posts but yours truly deserves an answer. It has already been decided my brother that the First world... more »