You are doing the right thing. Disregard this blogger. You...

Marjorie Middy - January 13 2012, 11:00 PM

You are doing the right thing.

Disregard this blogger.

You have predicted precisely how this blogger is about to respond and he or she is doing just that. Li ap fe wront sevi kole. Everything she said proved she has nothing on you. I don't understand her logic.

I think she is saying that she is not to be trusted...You were sharing some private moments with them thinking that they were your equals.

Please ignore this blogger, stay with us. Everything she said is juvenile and devoid of real meaning.

You gave a point by point chronological experience with this individual and in response she gave nothing concrete in defense.

You know what I stand for and I never felt like you were on the other side. Anyone equating money with color is not someone you need to waste time with anyway.

Like you said she used political issues to antagonize others.

She is an empty headed.

Stay strong, girl
See you later on the blog.



I am thanking everybody on this blog for defending what he thinks was right. The Haitian chivalry is not dead after...

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