Bro JPA, good pick.keep going to do your job, I really...

Monel - January 13 2012, 6:49 PM

Bro JPA, good pick.keep going to do your job, I really appreciate your time wasted to get this information.

I don't want to prevent anybody innocence but let me read for you.
The Feds focused for years on ketant's allegation of paying off Aristide.But agent struggled to uncover any EVIDENCE such as financial records to prove it, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the case.
I think the investigator seen in ketant's allegation s little bit false about certain case.but the guys near the Martely have to be careful.

because RNDDH already mentioned so many names.

good pick bro.keep going don't let intimidated by anybody.


He is a back stabber or he is lucky?

If he can get off that easy with a slap in his hands,i think the worse will follow soon on the big screen TV. People...

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Bro Monel, possibly you have clearer info. If you...

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