bernadette said: disengage!!

Bernadette - January 12 2012, 11:53 PM

I am thanking everybody on this blog for defending what he thinks was right.

The Haitian chivalry is not dead after all. I am asking you guys, please do not respond to this ranting and raving blogger at my expense.

To this juncture I am still unsure as to what rattled his cage. Do I know this person?

I think I do. This is somebody that a few years back I gave a job to who could not do the job, because of a loss of a job, this person became homeless.

This person tricked me into giving this person a place to stay. This person had the gulls to think that she can steal my husband.

Just the same way she is on blog, she is very conning and disarmingly deceptive.

The tactics were just the same as they are here. She tried to turn my living babysitter against me by using class struggles to convince her to help her get my house and my husband.

Christine told me everything.

She did the smart thing as I was her bread on butter.

I threw her out of my house as she tried to physically hurt me. She was at that time 200+ pounds and I was very thin. That is the reason she likes to talk about "curvacious women".

She thinks they are better looking than the thin ones. I had to call the police to escort her out. Then, she had the nerves to entice a woman that she found a babysitting job from Westchester, NY. to help her sue me for "expensive" stuffs she left at my home. The judge through the case out of court because of her outrageous lies. The judge asked her why would she leave expensive furniture in the house of somebody who gave her a place to stay for free?

Why did not she sale these expensive stuffs to rent a place to live?

She was dumbfounded.

Her boss apologized to me and left her behind during that court day. Before this incident.

When this person failed miserably at work, not only I gave her a place to stay, I sent her back to college, thinking that she will pickup a degree to better her standing in life. She never lift up a book to study because she was too busy plotting on how she could steal my life instead.

I was lucky that I had a loyal husband who happened not to like fat women...She apologized two months later; She wanted to come back for a visit of which I firmly declined.

She went back to the City only to shack up with some employee of her last job. This is the reason she gets totally unglued about my buildings.

I wanted to open up a non-profit organization serving the Haitian community with that person.

When I found out the true nature of that person, I backed off.
Now, I am asking you: PLEASE, DISENGAGE!!
If you continue harassing me, I will have to give more pertinent details with true names, dates and witnesses, names of your then boyfriend, your friends, and your kids. I want no part of your life as you are a toxic person and you pretty much gave an illustration of your classic self on this blog. No wonder you could not live with your mother in Florida.

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Marjorie Middy says...

You are doing the right thing. Disregard this blogger. You have predicted precisely how this blogger is about to respond and he or she is doing just... more »

Choucoune says...

Now I know for sure not to answer "Agentx" on whatever else she said on this blog. She is totally crazyyyyyyy. It is almost pitiful. Dedette, we are... more »

Carl Henry Dietz says...

Bernadette pa okipe ti saitanize ak po jaune nan tande. She is old and bitter. If you ask me I think she ins insanely jealous of you. She was too... more »

Bernadette says...

People, people, please I have asked you to leave it alone. She is going to get hers at a time when she is least expected it...What do you expect... more »

Zefendel says...

Bernadette, were are you? we want to hear to you please make us know you are okay, we want make sure you not angry we did not want to punish because... more »