The retirement party is for yourself and I hope you get better...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 12 2012, 12:32 PM

The retirement party is for yourself and I hope you get better medication this time. I hope Brian returns to the blog and Bernadette stays.

You truly are crazy, now you are having an imaginary farewell party just like you had an imaginary party as an emperor.

This is a pity. I will not answer you anymore because your are mentally ill. Nobody should argue with a mental case.
Both bloggers are younger, better spirited and happier than you. You are a miserable gutter rat who are jealous of them. From now on your name with me will be the degenerate1, got it?

If we are lucky 16th should be your funeral date. Rat do kale, san dent. Only lunatics would thinks Lavalasse deserve living.


farewell party Sat 14 before the degenerate will go to Florida Nursing Home

This is a memo to all the blogger community. This abstraction is not a distraction. It reflect real life situations...

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