Jean Pierre Alexandre, we have a soup kitchen client knocking...

Agent-x - January 11 2012, 5:10 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre, we have a soup kitchen client knocking very hard at the blog's door begging for attention, food and shelter.

He has been homeless since the 1960's.

I heard it is so cold tonight that all the shelters are full according to the 16:00 hour State Wide shelter census.

We will have to convince him to pose as an animal or pretend to be one since he is so good at pretending in order to find a place to sleep tonight otherwise he will be freezing to life tonight.

I only carry Benjamin Franklin, William McKinley, Grover Cleveland, James Madison, Salmon P. Chase and Woodrow Wilson;

Please give him two Washington or one Jefferson if you could although I know you don't live near Washington of Jefferson Street neighborhood.

They said those two streets and neighborhood are very dangerous.

Winos and junkies make believers and great pretenders are patrolling them all night even the police are afraid of those neighborhoods.

BTW, how is your new Woodrow Wilson neighborhood?

I heard it is very quiet there.

Jean Pierre Alexandre, Michio Kaku use his knowledge to get rich instead of educating the masses in science.

He is an American born Japanese descent.

Now he is a member of the British parliament.

I down loaded Michio Kaku new book, Physics of the Future four or five months ago. The book was more money in the electronics version than in the paperback version.

He seems to have a thorough knowledge in theoretical physics but he does not have the ability to impart his knowledge effectively to the layperson.

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