Agent, I am getting fed up with you. If you keep dissing me, I...

Brian Andrew - January 11 2012, 3:23 PM

Agent, I am getting fed up with you. If you keep dissing me, I am going to tell the world How you were homeless and jobless, I will give year, time and place.

So be careful, you are reaching the point of no return with me.
The degenerate couple is you and you know who, who never worked a day in his life and who expect you to support him. I told you before I am not your enemy.

But if you forced me, I am gonna have to defend myself and it will not be pretty.

Show me your credentials in Washington, and I will show you mine. What arrogance, you came begging to my country with little on your back and a suitcase, now you think you have more connection than I do. You are either very stupid or very sick. Either ways you are forcing me to deal with you in a harsh manner.

Harshness is probably all you know all your life anyway.

You don't understand kindness and civility.

You don't even respect a fellow citizen from your country.

I am losing what very little respect I had for you. If you don't respect her, why should you respect me?

sh$$t heads like you is why Haiti is in the mess that it is in. You can't think, very delusional, and full of it. When things hit the fan, you can't understand why. The reason is you are not looking, you are too busy cursing one another and talking nonsense, you don't take time to analyze, sort out important issues to take care of your country.

Than you come up to my country thinking that you can trash up us Americans.

Most Americans won't even give you two seconds of their time, now I understand why. You can't learn new ways. This is why you bottom out together talking and thinking bad of others.

The worst part is that what you talked about are irrelevant to reality.

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