An ambulance just left the hospital bay at 21:33 hour to pick...

Agent-x - January 10 2012, 9:53 PM

An ambulance just left the hospital bay at 21:33 hour to pick up the not so bright psych patient that becomes dangerously unstable to bring pt to the psychiatric ward.
Cause of the crisis:
1-Patient is not in compliance with the psychotropic medications.

2-Pt becomes extremely frustrated because of level 3/20 intellectual challenge he cannot cope with.
Pt might harm himself or other.

Thus, we recommend that pt should be sedated upon his arrival at the psych ER and put to the isolation room if pt medical conditions return to normal.

Telemetry data from the ambulance indicates that pt blood pressure is currently 160/100 mmHg and fluctuating higher, which put pt on "State 2".

We are sending an all-points bulletin to all the blogger not to entertain any correspondence with him if a psychiatrist is not with this pt.
Since pt is not Compos mentis most of the time, not even veteran psychiatrists can predict his short and long term behavior.

Thus, this pt is simply a time bomb.

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