"Agent-X, hahaaaaaaaaa, you must be kidding me. What rock did...

Brian Andrew - January 9 2012, 6:23 PM

"Agent-X, hahaaaaaaaaa, you must be kidding me. What rock did you crawl under?

I truly believe that you don't understand my lifestyle.

Alright, you are not American, I did not expect you to understand everything but, man, I did not understand how low you were. My life is an upper class American life style.

You are no way near an American middle class lifestyle, otherwise you would have understood what I said. I Know you people are "marginal" but I did not fully understand to what extent you were marginal.

Agent you are wayaaaaaaaaa off in understanding American, American dreams and what we stand for. You might as well live in Haiti as far as understanding where Americans are coming from.
Miss Bernadette told me that she could not care less on how I deal with you. Now I am truly going to be on your tail. I already have heads up. Trust me Agent, you will be mighty sorry pretty soon. You can't sue me for the result because you attacked me first.

In America, It calls self-defense.

To start with, you are not in LA, you are in Queens, New York. You have to female daughters...,Am I getting too close "Agent"?

I am not finished with you, not by a long shot. This is just the beginning.

Stay tuned.


Be aware that Monel, Pretty-1, etc are not connected to Agency-X-1804

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