Jean Pierre, "Agent-X" is a fanatic, Aristide is like a...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 9 2012, 12:47 PM

Jean Pierre, "Agent-X" is a fanatic, Aristide is like a religion to this person.

He can't think straight.

There is no reasoning with somebody who can't think straight.

"Agent-X has some smarts, but is not THAT smart.

Follow his blogs pattern, they are full of contradictions.

He is self-serving and aggressive.

If you noticed, he does not respond point by point to questions because he does not understand them or the truth does not matter to him. What in his mind is what is important.

This is pure Aristidian tactics.

He is good at finding you tubes, you can train a chimpanzee to do that. This is very mechanical once you know what you are looking for and the sources...He is very transparent and predictable.

Aristide was not a saint during his administration, if it was not to stoop too low as on Agent'X level, I would start digging Aristide's past. Maybe it will come later.

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