Jean Pierre Alexandre, I congratulate you for lot of progress...

Monel - January 9 2012, 12:14 AM

Jean Pierre Alexandre, I congratulate you for lot of progress that you've been shown at the end of 2011.I've read some interesting posts on this blog, that I want you to do long time ago.I'm very satisfied, I'm not regret the time I wasted with you to fix your behavior on this blog .you're a little bit stop cursing people, that's to say" di moun gro betiz," any respect for Haitian people when you named them"chin " sometime disrespect women and some bloggers.

Now you drive in a good and others bloggers need that posted to make constructive's debate which I think is good for Haiti.not only reply for nonsense.I'm proud of you, keep going like that, but if one day you step back again, l would fight like before.

mwen konnen bos mason Vann tiwel-li, men Li pa bliye metye-l.
As you have to know jean, lavalas not equate one person, lavalas is Haitian people's revandication since December,19-1990.

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