Mr Brian Andrew, I'm really appreciate the way you involved in...

Monel - January 6 2012, 8:53 PM

Mr Brian Andrew, I'm really appreciate the way you involved in my country's problem.But you and another blogger named The pretty 1 are the same attitudes to give people lessons like a teacher.

Brian!you also doesn't have a real knowledge of appropriate use of the English words, stop being a fake teacher who use broken English sometime people have difficulty to catch your main idea on your posted.

By the way bro ! I've seen you said: stop asking your country for help, let me tell you for your memory.

In 1915 when your country came to occupy Haiti, the first thing they'd done, they went to the national 's bank of Haiti stolen money and all our gold's reserve.that why we are poor like that. we don't ask your country for help, we ask for your country what it had been stolen for us.punk
Looking at you! You're not even ashamed to say you rent an apt. from a Haitian-American,.yes we ask for help like a poor country, but most of us, Haitian people who live in your country, we do our best to get a house, to rent to you, to avoid you sleeping in a shelter.what are you doing for your life, write and speak good English, stay in welfare use food stamps, talking sh!t.
I already said that to your American's sister named The pretty 1,I'm not even talking good English as you ask people for, I got a nice house, nice 2009 Nissan xterra with a $ 27 hourly job with my CDL only, I don't want to make show off, but we, f'ockin American lazy asssssss like you, people have to talk with us
Leave Haitian people alone, be focused on Obama and tea party fight who thrown you in bankruptcy, that 's why you got rent from Haitian people.

Animal, go get your Chinese food, f'ockin homeless.

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"Agent-X" or whatever your name happened to be you...


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