The pretty, I'm not gonna answer your reply to make you become...

Monel - January 6 2012, 1:07 AM

The pretty, I'm not gonna answer your reply to make you become a superstar on this blog, but when I heard you send me to work on my grammar and my sentence structure, this is my job to reply you for a last time.

The main idea that you understood my posted if you reply me.Bro, I'm a refugee in your country since 1995.I'm Haitian I speak French and Creole, since then I do my best in English's language.

But as you said without my grammar and sentence structure, I got a nice house and 2009 Nissan xterra with a $27 hours job since I got my CDL license in 2001.
You! The united states son, you got good grammar and sentence structure you passed all your life in welfare in food stamps,.I told you take care about Obama and tea party fight as a real American you are, shu't your mouth about Haiti lazy aaassss.

Go get your McDonald and chicken wings punk.

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Being a first generation American born to Haitian...

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