Jean Pierre Alexandre, I think you gonna keep going like...

Monel - January 4 2012, 12:43 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre, I think you gonna keep going like better continue make more research like this one, instead of wasted your time to curse or insult people on the blog.stop supporting your f at king Duvalietist rouge who doesn't have any respect for women.

it not fair for a man who doesn't have reading or writing used to harass some beautiful women on this blog. those women are more educated than Duvarouge.

By the way bro ! every time you named Lavalas "dirty" I 'd have the right answer for you, because when you insult lavalas you insult Haitian people.

if you have something against Aristide go down there to fight with him.
congratulations for your post, kontinye konsa, wa rann blogger yo plis sevis olye wa di betiz ak yon malandrin ki pa menm respekte manman-l ki fe-l.
Ou menm depi map edikasyon-w lan, mwen we ou yon to kras chanje, men chak lwa makout sal Monte nan tet-ou, ou deraye, mwen pap dekouraje map toujou ede-ou pou Soti nan di betiz sou blog la.


Arrival of Haitians In Brazil

Few lost sheep in the Brazilian borders. By the mean time our elites having fun,having the wealth of our land...

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