Duvalierist Rouge, Happy new year 2012 and your family. My...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 1 2012, 11:50 AM

Duvalierist Rouge, Happy new year 2012 and your family.

My brother Duvalierist, remember my last reply?

I told you to take it easy with a smile in my face.
Don't you worry about these useless animals, they have the rights to fart because they are cows that eats unbalance feed stocks lacks of Alfalfa hays, they are not organic meat my brother;If i was you, i would stay away from these king of meat.
Cows that eats chemicals grass and unclean stuffs cannot be kosher.

If you think their daughters are kosher, you make a big mistake.

No matter how much salt you put on that meat to turn it kosher, the dirty blood will never exit that meat.
Duvalierist rouge, i know you are a faithful Duvalierist so i take the opportunity to curb you from your temptation with these unclean animals.

Furthermore, my next advise is better and i hope you learn and understand better procedure to humiliate with good humor these unclean animals, like Lavalas, Prevalist and all useless Haitian politicals parties with urea and masturbation acts, the reason i say masturbation, you might not listen to my advice because you want to bang their unclean daughters.

Duvalierist Rouge, if they show up in your crib, just piss over them, or masturbate in their faces.

Take care my brother.

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Send your dauhter to my crib i need her to pray this...



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