You guys are taking this issue totally out of context. A man...

Marjorie Middy - December 27 2011, 1:44 PM

You guys are taking this issue totally out of context.

A man was robbed at gun point on his way to a family wedding leaving in a neighboring Country.

The guy got stripped of his money and belongings.

All we can do is talk about trivia politics.

Where is the compassion?, the collective indignation, for this man?

Apparently the Police did not know who Daniel Supplice was. Hence, indicating that it was a random act, it was not planned in advance, Supplice was there at the wrong place and wrong time. Have you guys wrondered how this mugging has affected him, his family, the wedding he was attending.

I would have to believe that so many of us are so psychologically flat and unable to relate to a fellow citizen's misfortune.

What happened to Daniel Supplice was a personal incident here, not a political one.
People, wake-up, I know you are fully human and fully alive.

You are able and capable to empathize and sympathize with other human beings.

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...Sa ki rive minis la, li tris e li grav anpil...

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