The robbery story sound fishy, shady & suspicious. How much...

Pouki - December 26 2011, 8:24 PM

The robbery story sound fishy, shady & suspicious.

How much money was taken from Daniel Supplice during the Robberry in Dominican Republic?

Does that money belong to him or to the Haitian government?

How much money he owes the bank, other people.

Does he has a cash problem, gambling problem, cocaine problem or too many women to taking care of?

Does Daniel Supplice come up with this story for publicity for himself since Belizaire grab the limelight in Haiti?

Does Daniel Supplice has a political ambition for higher office?

This incident needs a two ways or a three ways investigation.

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Jean Paul, wou'di Ayityen lach. Ayityen pa lach,se...

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If they took money from Daniel Supplice,it doesn't...

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