Bernadette, I hear you but it's not that simple! I just got...

Tiba - December 23 2011, 11:37 PM


I hear you but it's not that simple! I just got back from Haiti last month from a 2-week vacation and I can tell you that I cannot repeat what I saw.

We can live in denial all we want or just continue to make a big fool of ourselves to the rest of the world.

As a people, our problem is that we do NOT have big dreams and big aspirations.

We always think small.

In Haiti history, I have never heard nor witness any "BIG" projects undertaken by the government whether is a big project of drinking water, or electricity, or road, etc. etc...

that would capture the haitian people attention let alone the world's.

Infrustracture in any country has always been government's project.

Hatians need to walk away from this fantasy to think that the Brandt family will build roads in Haiti or electrify the country.

The Jimmy Carter Blvd. in Atlanta, the M. L. King Blvd, and many miles of roads in this country that named after these people, were not build or financed by them. The government built those roads and named them after those people in recognition for their work/contribution, etc..

Bush did not pay to build The Bush International Airport in Houston, President Kennedy did not spend his own money to build JFK Airport in New York, the government did and named it after him.

There most be preparations done like building hotels, clean up the beaches, clean up the streets, etc..before inviting tourists in Haiti.

The government must provide electricity, a sound communication system, etc..

before open Haiti for business.

There must be at least basic infrustractures ready to handle the business of the day before investors would come and build factories, etc..

and create jobs.

While the government is approaching investors with the slogan "show me the money", the investors, in turn, keep asking the Haitian people and their government "where is the beef." We, Haitians keep asking investors to come, and the investors keep asking us where is the infrustrature for their business.

No faxing can be done through cell phone yet.

Hope you got my drift.

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