Why not change the constitution to have the president run...

Lautre Niveau - December 23 2011, 5:39 AM

why not change the constitution to have the president run after 5 year instead of him setting to wait for another 5 year to pass to run again like how the did in other democratic country the president does not have to wait untill another 5 year to run again haiti constitution is the most backward constitution and does criminal working for the haitian people does not see that we need a new modern constitution the one that will respect every haitian right on this planet that stupid constitution does not exist is already dead what about a constitution for the haitian Diaspora to have more right in their own country we constribute to haiti devellopment why we should be excluded and those bastard know that without haiti will be nothing because haiti economie is destroy haiti does have anything to offer anybody else except dissappointment.

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