This is one of those thought provoking topics that is so...

Ronald Altieri - December 20 2011, 1:24 PM

This is one of those thought provoking topics that is so needed in our Haitian reality.

Bravo! I applaud you wholeheartedly.

Yes! I totally agree with all truths that this topic brings to the mind. And without trying to cast a shadow on the light of your topic, please allow me to echo a bit of what i believe is at the base of your wonderful thought; by saying where is the commission to investigate:

1- The relocating of our Capital?

2- The illegal changes made to our constitution?

3- The prosecution of those who gave our people cholera?

4- What is parliament doing for the people who voted them there?

5- Where has the multi-hundreds of millions of dollars donated gone to?

6- Where do the members of parliament get all their posessions and assets?

I guess we can go and on in that line of thought...

But until we realize the value of our ancestors' Commission by which they gave us L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE; until we realize the vital importance of that very simple aspect of our history, then misery will continue to be the affair of our reality.

God Bless!

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