"Agent-X" or whatever your aka is at this point, Promoting...

Brian Andrew - December 16 2011, 10:13 PM

"Agent-X" or whatever your aka is at this point, Promoting Louis Farrakhan is absolutely retarded and mind boggling.

There nothing this man can do that will increase your IQ, ask Malcolm X. You can see that it did not raise his IQ but got him killed.

Is this what you want for others?

I do understand that that you are moronic and downright appalling.

Malcolm used to collect money for Farrakhan but that was not enough to assuage Farrakhan's hunger for power.You don't know much about American History, do you?

You think like a typical third world peasant thinking that you know it all. But you don't.
Farrakhan will have you and everybody associated with you in a silver platter to the Ku Klux Klan in a minute.

This so so sad that you want to raise money for that fool. He does not hold you in high esteem.

He is in Haiti only to promote himself and his agenda...If you think that he is with you, you are a dam fool. Haiti will pay the consequences later on as usual...and the worst part is that you don't even care.
Mr. Farrakhan is not playing with a full deck neither are you.

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Alexandre, If you listen or read Minister Louis...


Support Louis Farrakhan by buying his papers,audi-video,listen to his radio

Those that are interested in past and contemporary social struggle and politics should read and listen to people like...

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