Lol: honestly nothing gonna be change in Haiti, president...

Tiroro - November 26 2011, 3:22 PM

Lol: honestly nothing gonna be change in Haiti, president Martely can not change Haitian mentality by himself.

Only God in Heaven can change all politicians/lawmakers/senators in Haiti by a really big Earthquake, when some of them die the rest would lean to care about (Lamisere in Haiti) if: back in 2010 some of them were die those we have Today, they would find God first second they would take care Lamisere in Haiti.

I personally thank God for giving us Martely as Leader of the Republic of Haiti.

That is kind of personage Haiti was waiting for, even do still Today the bad politicians don't want to drive they cars in the some road with the president car, but I do believe Heavenly Father have an answer for us very soon if I die Today you guys will see it.
May God bless you all and blessing Haiti cherie

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I swear to God, if Haitian lawmakers were as dedicated to "Affaire LaMisere" as they are to "Affaire Belizaire" Haiti would be a better place.....

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