Souffrant Pierre alias hater linked to Francette Agnant and...

Katia Jerome - November 24 2011, 2:49 AM

Souffrant Pierre alias hater linked to Francette Agnant and Harry Hyppolite is using fake names to assassinate the character of Haitians standing against corruption, drug trafficking and political assassinations.

No matter what you say he, Lucas, will be where Almighty GOD wants him to be. When GOD is with you life is full of love. Hate can never beat love. Lucas is full of love for his country and it's people.

That's the reason why I am behind his efforts to bring a better life in our country.

He is a man of conviction, a faithful of Louverture heritage.

We have as a people no beef with the United States, a country that welcomed two million of us. For us the US is an ally and haters like you cannot change that. So long amigo.


Response to:

You are a pure CIA domestic and you will say anything...


Nothern Africa And the Middle East: What's Next? by Stanley Lucas

Post-Revolutions in Northern Africa and the Middle East: Fostering a Successful Democratic Transition by Stanley Lucas...

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