A haitian ARMY is more than a priority. Because the presence...

Ronel Nicolas - November 20 2011, 1:07 PM

A haitian ARMY is more than a priority.

Because the presence of the army is symbol of security.

without security development of Haiti is not possible.

I totally desagree with those who say the Army is not a priority.

Lets see why I say it's a priority: 1st the problem of generalised insecurity caused by the international comunity leaded by US with so many people drogged in deported.

2nd the problem of work. that means we gonna have more young men working and waiting for a wages.

3rd that is constitutional.

4th haiti was been set free by Army and still needs it. 5th in the rightnow haitian political, social and economic context the Army is more than needed.

6th a real Country cannot be leaded without an Army force.

to finish, I ask the international comunity this question specifically the state departement: why do USA, France, Canada even our neighbor Dominican republic need an Army?

I beleive in reestablishing of my country Army because for ever won't I need to become citizen of none country.

I Love Haiti for ever and I ready to fight for its freedom and liberty.

For ever Haiti!

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