How could a "Pastor" talk about an army and politics in the...

Bernadette - November 19 2011, 9:29 PM

How could a "Pastor" talk about an army and politics in the same breath is beyond my comprehension.

Then again it is Haiti anything is possible.

Lots of people are lobbying for an army here but nobody is truly saying WHY a Haitian army is of utmost importance.

Everything being equal, yes a Haitian army would be nice to keep up with the protocol of a sovereign status.

But reality dictates otherwise.

Haiti has much more pressing needs now than to be concerned with conspiracy theorists and past history warpath.

Sadly enough Martelly's smokescreen with this army business is being throttled by dead-enders who actually believed this stuff who most of them don't even live in Haiti to actually suffering the misery of starvation and diseases like cholera.

The human suffering is REAL and must be alleviated before anything else. People should be housed, fresh water supply established, steady supply of food search, descent system for waste disposal, sustainable and relevant education, establishment of proper health care delivery for the Nation are in order before any talk of an army UNLESS this army is a preventive measure AGAINST the Nation.

In the latter all of you who are thinking of an army are truly irresponsible, careless.and down right evil. This is a mute point anyway, Haiti does not have the money for basics much less building up a relevant army.
On a related personal note, Just spent a few days at Cabarete, Dominican Republic which is not too far from Cap Haitian.

Was tempted to go there but did not as I promised my mother not to go. This woman kneeled in front of me with tears in her eyes begging me not to go to Haiti.

Folks, this is as real as it gets. She was basically afraid for me. Although that did not work until she bribed me with a signed contract of $700.00 (seven hundred dollars) given to me upon my return from the trip. The point was to say that Haiti is scary for most Haitians, let alone foreigners.

We can't even began to talk about tourism which could be a sizable income for the Nation fiscal budget.

The military is certainly not for tomorrow unless we are talking about repression on a grand scale.

Then, again it would have been business as usual, right?

Here I was thinking we were moving forward, W O W!

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