Sendra, I see you all over the blogs and you know very well I...

Bernadette - November 8 2011, 12:21 AM

Sendra, I see you all over the blogs and you know very well I know who you are and all your aliases.

Shut the hell up. Grow up. You are 47 years old -- pushing 50 and you are still an immature old rat.What exactly are you teaching those 2 beautiful girls of yours?

I hope they are nothing like you. Nobody from Gressier, Leogane or Jacmel have anything negative to say about me or my relatives.

You have NO cousins in Leogane.

Who are you kidding?

Who are you to tell me not to mingle in Haitian affairs?

Haiti is MY LAND, stupid idiot.

This is my business and my business only whether or not I want to give TLC time to my country.

This is a lot more than I can say for you who are spending much time criticizing the present Government and yet DO NOTHING to help.
I take that back, maturity is too late for you retard.

Keep off of my business.

You have the right to blog, just like I do. I just never bothered to answer yours because I don't care to exchange info with you. Just bug off.

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you are a freaking old rat and the most dangerous...

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