My take on it is that no uncivilized, people with short temper...

Sydoine Jeannite - November 2 2011, 2:42 AM

My take on it is that no uncivilized, people with short temper who lack of critical thinking skills such as just a high school leaving certificate should enter politic the highest level because they are just high school graduates with limited body of knowledge on Complexed matter such as running a country like who have been robbed and ill-treated by so many for their own selfish gained and my great great great grand father nord Alexis was one of those this desingenious leaders down to Papa Doc Father and son with all other defacto governments.

When Titide sought to restore some hope to the country he was removed mistriously by a fabricated Coup d'Etat supported by external forces.

Please give ways for haiti to breathe and the pride of Haiti can be restored.

Rev. S. Jeannite
A passionate Patriotic

Politic is a very complex job that requires temperence, tolerance super reasoning abilities.

Drunkards or people who have used substance abuses in the past need to be properly assessed.

Popularity alone will not do it.

People with past criminal record under no circumstances should be blindly allowed to run for political office.

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