Most likely Michel Martelly has a second passport but so what...

Bernadtte Levasseur-shiel - November 2 2011, 12:20 AM

Most likely Michel Martelly has a second passport but so what?

He is still the Haitian President who just sent thousands of Haitian kids to school this year, is not it?

Haiti was at a standstill before Martelly.

Haiti is moving, perhaps not in the order that some of us might have it done, but Haiti is making some progress.

There is no point in a coup d'etat every time that we are disappointed with an administration.

Besides, this is the best way for people to learn that once one picked an elected officials, s/he is there for the duration of s/he contract.

We can't always think in term of a coup.Yes you are right, Martelly Administration seems slanted toward some old politically dated tactics that give some us the chills, like his militia that he is so hell-bent on having.

He seems to act autocratically and is on an auto-pilot mode.
View of the President's background and past history, being a "con artist" in a good sense could be just what Haiti needs to move forward.

The Ivory Tower style presidency does not fit us anymore.

We need a rolling sleeve go getter President and Martelly seems to have those qualities.

Again because of his background he is able to relate to everybody with an uncanny ease. Unity is essential to Haiti presently.

If all we can find against the President is a questionable passport, then we must assume that he is doing very well.


Michel Martelly is a con artist, fake Haitian with an American passport

It is time to get rid of those would be assassins that want to restore the Duvalierism without Francois Duvalier and...

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