Arnel Belizaire is like : Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King, Malcon-X etc..

Agent-x - October 31 2011, 3:31 AM

The Honorable Arnel Belizaire is a social justice and equity defender like Rev. Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King, Malcolm-X, Elbert "Big Man" Howard; Huey P. Newton, Sherman Forte, Bobby Seale, Reggie Forte, Little Bobby Hutton, Rosa Parks, Eldridge Cleaver, Angela Davis, Joan Little to name a few. They were arrested numerous times on trump up charges, vilified by the media for political reasons.

Remember, Arnel Belizaire was arrested or deported by regimes hostile to the Lavalass movement.

The charges against him were fabricated for the convenience and enjoyment of the kangaroo court.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,Malcom-x is repented ex-con,Al Sharpton is a charlatan and fraud,these two are very close cousins (jail birds in the US). Criminal Arnel... more »

Agent-z says...

As you know, I am with you Agent-x. Arnel is a good citizen, although the raping of 3 under age girls is not part of his public records. He is good... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-y,wou se yon tou'bouda.Agent-x,se yon djare'e kolerin'n melanje ak vomisman gonfle'e. Your mob boss"Aristide"is like the AIDS virus in Haiti's... more »