It is obscure to think that the President, Mr. Martelly, has...

David Grant - October 29 2011, 3:45 PM

It is obscure to think that the President, Mr. Martelly, has opened a can of a worm. The matter of citizenship has been put to rest by the legislative power of the country; hence, there shouldn't be any reversal of the decision taken.

In fact, President Martelly has won the election by 67.57% of the popular votes; therefore, he is in effect the truly elected president of the country.

The nomination of the Prime Minister was done after much review of the constitution; therefore, he is legally nominated.

The senators and the deputies had had an election to decide the prime minister's legibility to the post; there can't be, now, any second thought to his nomination.

Those guys do not seem to understand the working of the law; they seem to prefer the laws of the old west; during the cow boy's time in the United States-the kangaroo court.

If there is any rift between President Martelly and the deputy, this should be resolved in a civilized manner.

Those men should know that the world is looking at them; therefore, they should behave as civilized men.

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