BRING IT ON! The President was voted in by 67.57%, and his...

Ronald Altieri - October 29 2011, 12:46 PM

BRING IT ON! The President was voted in by 67.57%, and his mandate is to change the political nature of our nation, and the Prime Minister was ratified to run the government for the population.

If a can of worms must be opened, then let the first worm be belizaire.

We either want to plant the seeds of our style of democracy with order, law and justice, or we can continue on the path of seriouos disorder, chaos and injustice.

I submit to you that the people voted for CHANGE and not just change in their pockets.

I know that not all battles can be won in a war of social change, but it must start somewhere and belizaire is it. taht are going to change the political schemes of Haiti by doing the easy and difficult.

Be it easy or difficult, BRING IT ON!
They voted for that, and those who persished on Jan 12th expect that. Bring it on!

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