Arnel Belizaire is first casualty of the civil war in Haiti

Agent-x - October 27 2011, 11:48 PM

28 October 2011 Arnel Belizaire is first casualty of the civil war in Haiti.

The kidnapping of the honorable Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire on October 27th, 2011 shortly after 05:00 P.M. at Toussaint Louverture international Airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti signaling the assassination of democracy and human rights in Haiti and the beginning of a protracted civil war in Haiti under the aegis of the imperialists.

The specter of war and naked foreign aggression and domination in Haiti is looming at the horizon.

First, they imposed a naturalized American, a crack head with gender disorder coupled with intermittent explosive disorder and bipolar disorder at the executive office in Haiti.

We are asking the friend of Haiti to investigate the dossier of Michel Martelly while s/he was using crack, cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs in the U.S. and to debrief the drug dealers and other drug addicts with whom s/he used to keep company to buy those drugs and possible crimes committed while s/he was trying to find money to support his/her $ 1000 daily crack habit.
The axis of evil is in the process of provoking a civil war and genocide in Haiti.

A civil war and genocide in Haiti will give them a pretext to send drones and marines to subjugate the Haitian population and labeling them as terrorist in their own country because they want to seize the natural resources in Haiti the same way they have done it in Libya.

All those barbaric practices Sparrow-wacko Martelly are doing now in Haiti are done at the request of the axis of evil stealth agenda while at the same time they are portraying themselves as staunch protectors of human rights and the paragon of civilization.

Haiti will never be sovereign as long the axis of evil continues to maintain their evil abode in Haiti.

The last links will lead you to the Haitian constitution.

I am not a lawyer but so far it appears the sparrow-wacko degenerate violated many articles in the 1987 Haitian constitution.

Based on Martelly

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