Antoine Simon Estime Says..."KIM, Did you mean prosecution...

Kim Moreau - October 15 2011, 12:22 AM

Antoine Simon Estime Says..."KIM, Did you mean prosecution?

Are you serious?

We have 10.000 haitians deaths and 150.000 sick with inflicted colera.

Yes, tell me more about prosecution.

That should have been outrages procecution, Now, not in 25 years.

Be real, grow-up and get a life Baby. Reply to Msg 37721 posted 10/14/11 9:40 PM"

Kim said: There is no such thing as a status of limitation for war crime and murder.

Mr. Antoine Simon Estime, you are the one that should be real and grow up intellectually.

Check the link below first.

Thereafter check international law regarding murder, check international law for murder.

Let suppose for a moment that 30 years ago tonton macoutes entered into your house and killed your father, mother, siblings and relatives; let supposed that day your life was spared because you were not present in the house, would you tell Kim to be real and grow up if he is asking for the prosecution of those that killed your family?

If you disagreed with this scenario then you need to be institutionalized.

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KIM, Did you mean prosecution? Are you serious? We...


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