Once again more promises to Haiti! I have been listening to...

Tiba - October 11 2011, 9:29 AM

Once again more promises to Haiti!

I have been listening to promises made to Haiti long before Jesus Christ came and they never come through.

I am St. Thomas.

I'll believe it when I see it until then it's nothing more than empty promises.

I did not vote for Martelly (Sweet Micky) because that right was taken away from me the second that I decided to leave Haiti looking for a better and safer life in a foreign land.

Despite all my criticism of his government, I have always supported his candidacy for president and will continue to do so probably till the end of his term. I may even support him if he wants to become king of Haiti some day, who knows!

But as a Haitian "natif natal" and a big supporter of the president, I am here to tell him that I am sick and tired of listening to words and long exhausting speeches.

I want ACTION.

Things are moving too slow in Haiti, the changes he has promised are slow coming.

What sup with that?

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