I know what the president did regarding school in Haiti may...

William Jusme - October 8 2011, 5:10 PM

I know what the president did regarding school in Haiti may not be constitutional.

However, it works for the Haitians kids. We can see what he is doing with the money.

The biggest problem these senators and the deputies have they cannot put their hands on the money.

This is what upset them the most. They are nothing but V_8 engines.

They want to suck life out of these poor children future.

If it is not constitutional make it constitutional.

Work with the president, work for Haiti for God Sack. We have a country with multi problems.

What the hell you guys are doing in office.

I think you guys need to quite let the president work. At least he is working; at least he is doing something.

He is all over the place.

Mr. Martelley is not a politician, we all knew that. However, he wants to take Haiti somewhere.

Haiti is rich in oil and gold. We need to form a new Military Force.

Your congress people need to work on a new frame work to build a professional Haitian Army. Create laws that will prevent the army from ever getting involves in politics.

Make dual citizenship realty so all of us can be part of Haiti construction.

Look at Dominican Republic next door. We should be ashamed of ourselves for the manner in which our mother land, the way we treat our own citizens.

I know for sure some of us are going straight to hell.
There is no way God will give some a place in haven.

I will always believe that we all will answer to God some days about our mission here on earth.

I swear on my life to never take anything away from anyone nor to ever make life harder on any one. Some of us are nothing but lions everything is a prey. Here is my last word, when you do good things, you will see it and children and grand grand

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I know what the president did regarding school in...

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