Queen Sofia came to Haiti looking for the gold's balance Conqistadors left

Agent-x - October 8 2011, 1:19 PM

Spain is in big financial trouble.

Soon its citizens will be dubbed as boat people.

No wonder why for the first time, the mighty Royal family pick themselves up and their "high majesty" to visit little Haiti.

An Haiti that was so little to them while they were stealing its gold that it took them six hundred (600) years to visit.

If Martelly were a real man, he would request from Queens Sofia the return of the gold stolen from Haiti plus interest like Aristide did to France.

I am sorry to make this comparison because most of us know that Aristide is wearing seven inches titanium pants laced with 2 inches of diamond whereas Martelly is wearing a velvet skirt.

Did you observe his hands on this picture that suggest a feminine gesture.

He cannot prevent such blunders because s/he was born this way.
They say that a picture worth more than a thousand words.

Beware of the people that have eyes to see and refuse to see.

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